Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about our Block Paving and Landscaping services.

Once you have layed the imprinted concrete on my drive, how long do I have to wait until I can park my car onto it?

You will be able to walk on it the very next day but will have to wait for about a week before you can use it as a drive. In this time we would have sealed and protected it.

What about drainage. Will my new driveway need this?

There will need to be some drainage requirements. These will be assessed at the beginning of the project and then will be assessed throughout the construction. Any drainage will comply with the regulations. We will also take into consideration the possible effects of severe rainfall so this is something you do not need to worry about.

Do I get a choice of colours and patterns when having a driveway installed?

Yes you do. There are a variety of coloured blocks and the patterns you can have are endless. We can help with the design or if there is something that you have seen then just show us a picture of it if you can and we will be only too happy to design it exactly the same way.

Do I have to use anything to protect my fence panels once they have been installed?

All the fence panels that we supply and fit are treated before we bring them to you. You can however use a stain that would add extra protection to the panels that will also add a bit of colour them too. There are many colours to choose from to suit your requirements. This can be done once a year to keep them protected.

How high can my fences be?

Your front fence can be up to 1 metre high. It can be up to 2 metres high around the back and sides of your garden. You could check with your local offices just to make sure.

My garden needs landscaping but I am not sure about what needs doing, can you help?
Well if we could book an appointment for us to come and see your garden we can give you some idea of what will work and what will not. We will give you our expert advice and make a plan of what we can do. If you are happy with this then we can start landscaping your garden as soon as possible.