Patio Services in Ascot, Berkshire

When having a patio layed, most of our customers go for block paving but we do sometimes get asked to create a patio area using poured concrete. Both have their advantages. They are long lasting, durable and can look very effective in any garden. Poured concrete would obviously be a cheaper solution and is ideal if you have a small budget, where block paving would be slightly dearer depending on what you have.

Having a patio area creates somewhere in your garden for you to relax in. It gives you the space needed to maybe entertain family and friends and can give your children somewhere to play with their toys. No garden should be without a patio area even if it is small.

Interlock Paving can pave almost anywhere. Sometimes the sun may not reach certain areas in your garden, so we will ensure that we will take this is to account when we make our plans.

If you would like a lovely new patio then contact us today.

Patios Ascot