Cleaning and Repair Services in Ascot, Berkshire

We sometimes get many request from new customers asking for a new patio or driveway to be installed. When we actually go to the property, we find that our customer’s patio or driveway are just in need of a bit of attention. You will be amazed with what we can achieve just by cleaning the whole area or just by fixing certain places where the block paving has worn away or has been broken.

This may have happened due to wear and tear and cannot be avoided. We can repair any block paving or patios and can match them up with the blocks that you already have so it will not look different.

If you have any fence panels that have been broken or may have just rotted in certain places then we can come and change these for you. Again, we will match up your new fence panels with you old ones so they will still look the same.
Please contact Interlock Paving if you would like this or any other of our services carried out.

Cleaning and Repairs Berks